Dear Mann Travel Customers, Many of you have been trying to reach us by phone over the last few days. We would like to update you that due to the lockdown conditions, our branch and contact centre will be closed till 15th April 2020.​

Limited staff and Email Communication only

Email ID: & .

We have very limited staff available and we are experiencing a huge number of emails, your email will be processed according to the position in the queue.

Please reply might you expect to delay up to one week or more.

Kindly avoid sending multiple emails as you may lose the position in the queue and it may result in the delay in response.

Please use these two email addresses for further communication - & . The other email addresses are not getting monitored.

If your request has already been processed, please ignore this.

We are committed to assisting you wherever we can.

Your upcoming travel is impacted due to the following scenarios, then you can choose

  1. To change the ticket to new dates.
  2. To cancel and keep the ticket open for future travel.
  3. To apply for the refund (if your ticket is refundable as per the airline rules).


  1. Flight Cancellation:
    • If your flight is cancelled for a specific date or route is suspended for a specific period of time.
  2. Travel Ban:
    • Where there is an explicit government notification that prohibits travel from either point of journey origin or destination.
  3. Visa Process Change:
    • If you are not allowed to travel due to the change in the visa conditions and/or change in the travel restrictions imposed by the Government.
  4. Lockdown:
    • If you cannot reach the airport due to lockdown conditions.
  5. Travel Advisory:
    • If there is an advisory issued by the origin country to avoid non-essential travel.

Brief description of the options available to choose

Change to New Dates Changes and reissues are permitted with a waiver of reissue fee. Fare and Tax differences may apply as per the airline policy.

Some airlines do allow waiver on the fare and tax difference if it is booked for the same destination, same seasonality and in the same booking class.

Email us your new dates and we will check if there is any fare or tax difference on the dates you selected.

Keep your ticket open/hold the value as credit for future your self you are not sure about the new dates, you can choose to cancel the current booking and keep the ticket open for future use.

The amount of the ticket will be held as credit. There will be no reissue fee at the time of re booking, however, fare and tax may apply.

The last date to re-book and travel varies from Airline to Airline

Please contact us towards the end of April to check the last travel re booking and travel date of your ticket. You can also refer to the airline website as the policies keep on changing depending upon the situation.

Apply for Refund

Applicable refund and no-show rules/charges as per the date of the original ticket issue will apply. Non-refundable tickets – No refund, but you can choose to keep the ticket open.

Refundable tickets – Applicable cancellation fee will be charged as per the Airline policy & Mann Travel terms & conditions. Or alternatively, you can choose to keep the ticket open.

Special Refund waiver on Cathay Pacific and Malaysia Airline bookings

Passengers booked with Cathay Pacific for the travel up to 30th April 2020 can apply for a refund with a cancellation fee of $75 per ticket

Passengers booked with Malaysia Airlines can also apply for a full refund with the cancellation fee of $ 75 per ticket if :

  1. Your flight to India is on/before 31st March 2020 .
  2. You are foreign passport holders, travelling to India before 15th April 2020 and their visas/OCI are cancelled/hold till 15th April 2020.
  3. You are non-residents of Australia/New Zealand and cannot enter Australia/New Zealand due to the Visa conditions and travel restrictions imposed by Australia or New Zealand Government.


Please email us at least 4 days prior to the departure to cancel the flight segments to avoid any No-Show fee.

Please check the conditions of your tickets and the applicable cancellation fee on the Acknowledgment email which was sent to you at the time of booking.

Other Airlines

For all other airlines, the refund is permitted with the applicable penalty according to the current policies sent by the Airline. If there is any change in the policy in the future, we will let you know.

Travelling before 31st May 2020

The above-mentioned policies apply to all the bookings with the travel date before 31st May 2020.

If your travel is not affected due to the above scenarios, you can keep the ticket as it is and choose to travel on the booked date.

It is your responsibility to check the status of the flight on the airline website at least 24 hours prior to the departure.

Mann Travel is not responsible if there will be any last moment cancellation.

If your traveling is after 31st May 2020, please contact us later.

Option Suitable to you

Kindly choose any of the above options and email us to action your request accordingly.

If you know your future travel dates, please email us at .

We will check the availability on the new dates will rebook the seats and will let know you if there will be any fare or tax difference.

Write the subject of the email – Rebooking to new dates.

If you are not sure about dates, please email us at to cancel your current booking and keep your ticket open/hold ticket value as credit for future use.

Write the subject of the email – Keep the ticket open.

If you wish to proceed with the refund option with the applicable penalty, please email us at to send you the refund form.

Write the subject of the email – Apply for a refund with the applicable cancellation fee. Refund processing is 10-12 weeks.

The refund processing time varies from airline to airline and may take more than 12 weeks.

Mann Travel is not responsible if it will be delayed from the airline side. No refund of the credit card fee.